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co-parenting in Pensacola Florida

Helpful Ways to Resolve Co-Parenting Conflicts

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Co-parenting when a couple is not together may be one of the greatest challenges that parents may face. But when done right, it can make your children’s lives dramatically better. Whether you and the other parent are divorced, or you were never technically together, figuring out how to co-parent a shared child is a… Read More »

property division in a divorce

How to Keep Money Separate During a Divorce

By Crystal C. Spencer |

In Florida, marital property is considered that which was acquired during the marriage, whether cash in a bank or savings account, a home, vacation property, 401(k), boats, jewelry, or anything of value acquired during the years the couple was married. Debt acquired during the marriage may also be subject to division.  It doesn’t matter… Read More »

hiding assets

What Are the Consequences of Hiding Assets During a Divorce?

By Crystal C. Spencer |

It is not unusual for high-net-worth divorce clients to attempt to hide some of their assets during a contentious divorce. After all, they worked for it, and it’s theirs. At least, that’s how they see it.   But the court doesn’t agree. So try and hide assets during a divorce, and the Florida courts… Read More »

recording spouse in a divorce in Florida

Is it Legal to Record and Spy on Your Spouse During a Florida Divorce?

By Crystal C. Spencer |

If you are undergoing a divorce in Florida, it is unfortunate. No one gets married thinking it will end. Besides the disappointment and heartbreak, there are practical considerations to consider. Not only will your life change emotionally, but your home and income will likely be impacted. The challenge becomes dealing with the split and… Read More »

holiday divorce

Tips for Dealing with Divorce During the Holidays

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Despite all the hoopla about the joy of the holidays, they can be incredibly stressful if your family unit is not intact. A divorce will definitely do that. You will not see marriage and children through the same lens as before, and the holidays bring out the difficulties emotionally and logistically. If your children… Read More »

child rearing as a divorced parent

Helpful Tips for Working Divorced Single Parents

By Crystal C. Spencer |

In the 1950s, the nuclear family consisted of mom and dad, their children, Dick and Jane, and their pets. Few families today bear any resemblance to those of seventy years ago. Today, nearly 24 million kids live in a family with only one parent, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Some parents choose… Read More »

adopted children and divorce

Adopted Children Might Need Extra Support During a Florida Divorce

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Planning for a family might include adopting children if biological children are not possible. No matter how many children or where they come from, your plans for the perfect family fall apart when a divorce is looming. In that case, treating adopted children like biological children is essential. They are likely sensitive to the… Read More »

relocating with child after a divorcd

Can I Move Out of the Area with My Child after a Florida Divorce?

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Moving a child out of state after your Florida divorce is not a simple thing. You must consider the ex-partner who is still an equal parent to the child. Your divorce did not change that fact. Even if you are the custodial parent and must relocate for a job, a Florida judge will balance… Read More »

cryptocurrency in divorce in Pensacola

Dealing with Cryptocurrency During a Divorce 

By Crystal C. Spencer |

A Florida couple can expect that their assets will be divided during a divorce. The guideline in Florida is a fair and equitable division, unlike other states where  community property means everything is divided in half to distribute to each spouse.  In our changing technological world, a question needs to be addressed – what… Read More »

splitting inheritance in a divorce

How Inheritances Impact Alimony Payments

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Inherited wealth is usually given to one individual with the intention that it stays with that individual. This can be accomplished through a prenuptial agreement or a family trust, keeping the inherited monies out of a joint account and, therefore, away from the soon-to-be ex-spouse. If a divorcing couple has assets or is expected… Read More »

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