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High Net-Worth Divorce

Minimizing Reputational Damage During High-Net-Worth Divorces 

By Crystal C. Spencer |

A Florida high-net-worth divorce can become incredibly complicated. The couple’s many assets must be identified and valued. These may include property, businesses, homes, cars, art, and antiques.  This assumes all the assets are disclosed, which is not necessarily the case every time.  A couple can work together to negotiate their dissolution, or the proceeding… Read More »

High Asset Divorce

High Net Worth Divorces: Understanding the Intricacies of Valuing Private Equity Holdings

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Over recent years, some high-net-worth individuals have emerged from the middle class by playing the market and investing in real estate. However, a typical eight percent return may not suffice for some with loftier financial aspirations. Private equity increases the risk but may also result in higher yields on your invested money. Also increasing… Read More »

Divorce and Pensions

Navigating the Complexities of Divorce and Pensions

By Crystal C. Spencer |

You may believe that in a Florida divorce, what is yours, with your name on it, is not subject to division. But this is not necessarily the case.  Under Florida law, a pension, 401k, IRA, or profit-sharing plan you contributed during your marriage is subject to division. Simply put, it is a marital asset…. Read More »

Trust Fund in Divorce

Unpacking the Complexities of Trust Funds in High-Net-Worth Divorces

By Crystal C. Spencer |

High-asset divorces are more complicated than divorces for couples of modest means, especially if trust funds are involved. A trust fund defines the formal relationship between the grantor, trustee (a third party), and beneficiary. An individual with assets transfers them into a trust, which defines who will manage the property if they cannot do… Read More »

high asset divorce

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights During a High Asset Divorce

By Crystal C. Spencer |

A high-asset divorce can bring particular complications to the settlement table.  Both parties will understandably want to retain what they consider their individual property, but a marital settlement in Florida will divide assets equitably. While intellectual property (IP) often cannot be divided, its future profits are a consideration for a divorcing couple. To retain… Read More »

High Asset Divorce

Navigating the Transfer of Real Estate During a High Asset Divorce

By Crystal C. Spencer |

A Florida divorce is one of the most stressful events you can endure. Many individuals would like to stay put in the family home, especially if children are involved, and one of the most frequent questions from divorcing couples is whether they can keep the home. The answer is it depends. Florida is an… Read More »

Division of Charitable Endeavors

Divorce and Philanthropy: How to Handle Shared Charitable Endeavors

By Crystal C. Spencer |

You and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways. For most couples, that means dividing assets and making decisions about the children and custody issues.  Some couples grow their wealth while married and are committed to charitable endeavors. The Family Wealth Report estimates in 2020, charitable giving amounted to $471 billion. The… Read More »

Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality During a High-Net-Worth Divorce

Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality During a High-Net-Worth Divorce

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Avoiding a lengthy court battle is the best way to keep personal matters private and confidential when a marriage ends. Preplanning can circumvent the potential for unwanted disclosure and stress on both parties.  This can be accomplished by the spouses agreeing (before marriage) to a prenuptial agreement (prenup) that outlines how property and finances… Read More »

Shutterstock_2126348612 (2)

Mitigating the Risks of Business Depreciation During High Asset Divorces

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Divorces can be complicated, and that is especially true if there are high assets involved. While both spouses must be transparent about all of their assets, it’s also crucial that they are valued accurately. Failure to do so can result in an uneven and even unfair distribution of assets.  In Florida, equitable distribution of… Read More »

shutterstock_1770295868 (1)

Dealing with the Tax Consequences of a High Asset Divorce

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Are you facing a divorce? Expect all aspects of your life to change. This is particularly true if you are part of a high-asset couple.  Florida law states that fair and equitable is how assets are divided. With a high-asset couple, the division and tax implications can be more complicated by the valuation of… Read More »

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