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Personal Injury Lawyers in Pensacola, Florida

Accidents happen, but when they happen because another person was careless, reckless or negligent, and the accident could have been prevented had they exercised more care, then it is only fair that the responsible party be held accountable for the damage they have caused. In our legal system, the way to hold a negligent party responsible for their actions is through a civil lawsuit for money damages. Nevertheless, the law places the burden on the injured victim to prove every aspect of the case, while the negligent defendant is often represented by insurance company lawyers who dispute the claim. An experienced courtroom attorney from Spencer Law, P.A. can help you determine if legal action is appropriate in your case and can help you recover compensation for your losses.

How An Attorney Can Help You Prove Your Case

As the plaintiff in a personal injury case, you will be required to prove every element of your negligence claim by a preponderance of the evidence. These elements include proving that the defendant owed you a duty of care but breached that duty through a lack of care, and that this carelessness caused your injury. You must also be able to prove all of the legal damages you are seeking, which can include present and future medical expenses; lost wages for missed work, a diminished earning capacity or a permanent disability; pain and suffering; and more. All the while, the insurance company may be arguing that their insured was not the one who caused the accident or is somehow not at fault. They also may claim that your injuries were caused by some pre-existing condition, or they may dispute that you are really as seriously injured as your claim. Another favorite tactic of the defense is to try and put the blame for the accident on you. If they can convince a jury that you were at least partially at fault in causing the accident, any amount of compensation you are awarded will be proportionately reduced.

As experienced litigators, the attorneys at Spencer Law know how to prepare and present a compelling and convincing case that proves the other party’s negligence. At the same time, we have the skills and resources to stand up to the insurance companies when they deny or dispute the claim, or try to claim the accident was your fault. Finally, the unique medical background and experience of our lawyers means that we possess a deep understanding of the medical issues present in your case, which can be critical to determining fault and also assessing the full amount of damages.

Get Help with Your Personal Injury Claim from Experienced, Effective Pensacola Injury Attorneys

If you have been hurt in a Florida car or truck accident, a slip and fall on someone’s dangerous property, or by a defective product or other form of negligence or wrongful conduct, let the attorneys at Spencer Law, P.A. help you recover the compensation you need and deserve. Call our offices in Pensacola or Sandestin for a free consultation. There is no legal fee unless we can recover for you.

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