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January One of the Most Popular Months for Divorce

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While resolutions made in the new year don’t always last much longer than the month of January itself, there is a natural instinct to evaluate one’s contentment and satisfaction with life at the start of a new year. For a number of unhappy couples, this means deciding that the time has come to end a marriage that is no longer working. Below, find some common reasons why more couples tend to file for divorce in January, and speak with one of our compassionate and knowledgeable divorce attorneys if you’re considering filing for divorce in the upcoming year.

Financial considerations

Couples who reach the decision to separate in the last part of the year often conclude that actually filing for divorce in November or December isn’t a wise move financially. The expenses of the holiday season may pose too great a burden on their finances for them to take on the costs of finding new housing or retaining an attorney, and it may not be prudent to miss out on the tax benefits of filing a return as a married couple by divorcing before the end of the year. Spouses may feel the need to wait for year-end bonuses and post-holiday fiscal rebound before they can separate.

Hope that the holiday will rekindle their relationship

Spending time together over the holidays can be a great joy for happy couples. Some spouses in struggling marriages may hope that fond remembrances for holidays past may help them to regain closeness with a drifting partner, but conclude by the end of the year that this is not to be. Other couples who hadn’t yet concluded that divorce was inevitable are simply pushed to their limit by the financial or familial stresses of the holiday season.

Sticking it out for the sake of the family

No parents want to taint their child’s holiday season with news that they are planning to divorce, and so many couples hold on through the end of the year simply for the sake of their kids. While it may be admirable to put your children first, consider whether or not you can do so without inadvertently having an even more negative effect on your children’s holiday. If you’re unable to be in the same room with your spouse without beginning an argument, your children’s holiday may in fact be more joyful if you and your spouse spend it apart than together.

If you are preparing to divorce in the new year, seek legal advice you can trust to get you through the end of your marriage, and contact the compassionate and skilled Pensacola family law attorney Crystal Collins Spencer for a consultation, at 850-912-8080, with additional offices in Sandestin at 850-424-6683 and Fort Walton Beach (850-200-4652).

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