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How is Child Support Calculated in Florida?

By Crystal C. Spencer |

The issue of child support is often one of extreme importance for divorcing spouses in Florida. To be sure, child support, which is payment from one spouse to the other for the support any shared children, is necessary to ensure their well-being. In the Sunshine State, Florida Statute 61.30 sets forth guidelines for how child support should be… Read More »

teen driving in Florida

Teen Drivers & Distractions in Florida

By Crystal C. Spencer |

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 60 percent of all accidents caused by teenage drivers occur due to some type of distraction. This is an alarming statistic, especially when you consider the inexperience of the typical teenage driver. The 60 percent figure is three times the rate of accidents caused by distracted… Read More »

aggressive driving in Florida

Injured By An Aggressive Driver

By Crystal C. Spencer |

It seems like everyone is in a hurry these days, including drivers on Florida roads. Whether it’s from stress, a self-centered attitude, or because they’re running late, aggressive driving has become a serious problem across the country. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that aggressive driving is the cause of… Read More »

Child Custody Case

Divorce, Religion, and Child-Rearing

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Some of the world’s most devastating conflicts have arisen over religion. It should come as no surprise that, during the already fraught process of obtaining a divorce, many parents of differing faiths find it all but impossible to reach a suitable compromise on the manner and extent of their child’s religious education. Courts will… Read More »

Cash for alimony

Bills under Consideration Would Alter Court’s Options to Enforce Child Support Payment, Calculation of Alimony

By Crystal C. Spencer |

The Florida state legislature is currently considering two bills relevant to divorce and custody in Florida. One would modify the manner in which Florida courts can sanction parents who have failed to pay child support. The other would alter how alimony is calculated after a divorce. Court’s ability to automatically revoke nonpaying parent’s driver’s… Read More »

grounds for divorce

Consider These Tips if Separating from Your Spouse

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Making the choice to divorce from a spouse requires serious consideration and time. Many couples elect to spend a period of time separated before filing for divorce to be sure that they wish to end their marriage. It’s important to enter a separation thoughtfully and with adequate planning to make the separation as painless… Read More »

Show me the money

Proving Income of a Self-Employed Spouse

By Crystal C. Spencer |

There are many reasons why the parties to a divorce are required to produce complete and truthful financial disclosures to the court. Income and asset information is used to calculate spousal maintenance, child support payments, and a fair division of marital assets. If your spouse has a traditional, salaried job and does not earn… Read More »

Domestic Violence

Questions and Answers on Injunctions for Protection against Domestic Violence

By Crystal C. Spencer |

Intimate relationships can be sources of great joy, but when those relationships sour, they can bring fear and violence into spouses or partners’ lives. It is not unheard of for a spouse to lash out with threats or violence after the other spouse files for divorce. If you have been threatened with or subjected… Read More »

Divorce Rate puzzle

January One of the Most Popular Months for Divorce

By Crystal C. Spencer |

While resolutions made in the new year don’t always last much longer than the month of January itself, there is a natural instinct to evaluate one’s contentment and satisfaction with life at the start of a new year. For a number of unhappy couples, this means deciding that the time has come to end… Read More »

asset division

Motions for Contempt & Enforcement in Florida Family Court

By Crystal C. Spencer |

When the judge in your family court case has ruled on a given issue, these rulings will be memorialized in a written order and officially entered. Once the court’s order is entered, it becomes legally binding on the parties before the court. If either party fails to obey the terms included in the order,… Read More »

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